Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

Baby number 5 will be making a debut public appearance sometime next June!

We are all, of course, thrilled!

The current order from the older two is a boy or boy/girl twins.

The current order from my friend Dani who just had triplets is twins OR triplets. With twins I will have six under six just like her, with triplets we can share triplet Mummy tips!

The current order from Beloved is one at a time or at least not triplets or we will fill up the new car too fast!

The current order from the Mama person is another quiet one this time around would be lovely seeing as Anna is now in the running for the Loudest Baby Ever (Billy still wins, just!).

But for real? We are so looking forward to meeting this new little person and getting to know him or her just the way he or she is!

We are blessed beyond belief


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Jess!

Have a wonderful week,

Jess said...

Thanks :-)