Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Does your life ever kick unexpectedly into high gear and all you can do is grab on and yell "WAHOOO!!"?

Mine does.

I am finally getting a feeling of accomplishment going here and it is fantastic!

has added dentist, dental nurse or kid's nurse to her list of "when I grow up, I will be...". She had her birthday party, complete with cupcakes, on Sunday. She had a fantastic time and is looking forward to seeing a little more of her friends now that I have stressed to their Mums in person that I REALLY don't mind if they come around after school for a few hours.

is thrilled with the new lambs over our back fence. He is also extremely proud of his new garden which we built together on Monday. Still very set on the idea of being a dairy farmer. He has taken to pretending that his toy bear and sheep are Nanny and Poppy after our last weekend visit to see them.

started singing "Happy Birthday" when I lit a candle for the tea table tonight. He has taken to repeating the last word of every sentence or question you ask him. The resulting conversations are quite cute!

"Did you hurt your head?" "Head." (nod)
"Aww, do you want me to kiss it?" "Tiss it" (thrust head in general direction of my face)
"Is that better?" "Bedda" (nod)
"careful of the bench next time." "Nes dime"

He is cute as.

has two teeth, is eating solids and is semi-mobile. I know I said that last update but I am still coming to terms with it! Still an absolute delight, even when cranky and teething.

The House:
is drowning in washing that is drying or waiting to be folded. Other than that, we aren't doing too bad!

The garden:
has daffodils, snow drops and mud.


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