Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm back

After a fortnight of full on cleaning, sorting, organising, dusting, scrubbing, laundry, shelving, unpacking, rearranging AND my Mum coming to stay for the past week to help....

it still ain't all done.

Nobody told head colds, coughs, teething, tummy troubles, behaviour issues, meal times, bath times, bedtime routines, LIFE, that I was taking a break to get organised and regroup. So it all kept happening and rather than retreating into my comfort zone, the soft, mailable, world of words, I went hard core and kept on living it. It can be a temptation to research life instead of living it. To fill my life with online friends, blogs, forums and web pages instead of tending to my OWN home and my OWN family.

It is always good to get perspective.

The work hasn't stopped. I am keeping on going until it is all done, and blogging will have to just move down the priority list. So I will only blog on days with T in them! Starting.......Tomorrow ;)

For a moment, I am stopping to do a happy dance. Feel free to join me!

Amidst the head colds, coughs, teething, tummy troubles, behaviour issues, meal times, bath times, bedtime routines, and LIFE my book shelves are full and organised. Books that haven't seen the light of day (or a good shelf at least) for almost a decade are now on my lovely new shelves. If the kids want to know what a catfish looks like, I just reach over to the "c" encyclopedia and SHOW them. If I want to know what herbs work well for tummy troubles, I just go to my family health shelf and check it out. I know it is terribly old fashioned of my in this age of Google, but I LOVE it.

I have also started to set up a craft corner with my sewing stuff and now I have found my cottons, I may even start up the sewing machine one of these days!

My mother has found the end of the laundry pile, an achievement worth celebrating mid winter believe me!

I am STARTING to feel moved in. And it has only taken a year or so!

I can't wait until it is DONE.


HomeGrownKids said...

You are so good! To have planned a sabbatical and actually stuck with it.

anyway, hope you had a good time and achieved lots...but glad to have you back in the blogosphere. :)

Anonymous said...

Praise God fro helpful Mums!

Jess said...

In all honesty, I did do some online banking, shopping and cleared my in box twice, but it was all must-dos and I didn't go near the blog at all. The temptation was severe though!