Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I think we have finally found a technique that works.

Step 1.
limit the input. Kids now have 5 'every day' out fits, 2 'good' outfits and a few pairs of PJ's. This allows for wet days when the washing won't dry without tempting me to stop laundry for a week!

Step 2.
work the handmaidens! I have two washing machines. Yes, it is thoroughly decident, but I know people with three TV's and my kids have been known to watch the washing machines instead! I refer to them, the dryer and my dishwasher as "the handmaidens". It is my job to make sure they don't slack. I have times in my routine when I 'feed' them plus catch up times on Monday or if we have disasters. My goal is 4 loads daily, more if needed, and on Mondays I do as many as I can, making use of the drier as needed. There is usually at least one of clothes, one of nappies then the rest I make up with more clothes, towels (I wash twice a week) and sheets (once a week). I don't do laundry on Sabbath and some days I just don't have 4 to do. I like those days!

Step 3.
use the clothes. Each night as clothes are shed I inspect them and decide to put them out for the next day, sponge off and dry for the next day, put aside for repair or replacement or if they can go to the wash. I am pedantic. Some people can't stand a messy house, I would prefer a slightly messy house and kids who are clean, reasonably well presented and comfortable. Smelly, messy kids in ill fitting clothing are not my thing! But if clothes are cared for properly, they can easily go two or even three wears. Limiting the wardrobe also makes it easier for me to keep track of the clothes. Laying out clothes the night before makes things MUCH easier in the morning.

Step 4.
store the clothes. Each of the kids has a basket and it is easy for me to tuck their clothes into the appropriate basket at the end of each folding session. Ironed clothes go in my wardrobe. Ironing is something I struggle to find time to do some days as I don't like doing it when the boys are up, but I do need to iron Jon's work wear and some of our 'good' clothes.


susanc said...

Sounds great!!!

I am contemplating a newer, stronger washing machine. What have you got?? are you happy with them???

I used to NOT live in Queensland and we managed to wear our clothing more and wash less, but when we moved here it's just more 'sweaty' so we must wash after one wear...I do similar amounts to you. My husband has often commented he thinks it's a little excessive but by the time you add in sheets, towels, beach towels, clothing for six (soon to be eight) I don't see how I could do any less! :):)

TasJess said...

Our newest machine is a 7.5 kg LG intellowasher model number WD-1018c. I'd heard mixed reports about LGs before getting this one but it was on a fantastic special so we gave it a go. It hasn't missed a beat and we got it a few weeks before Christopher was born. I like the fact that it has a time delay on it so I can set it the night before and it also has a count down timer on the front. I find the settings are quite good too and it spins a lot of water out of the clothes. It is a front loader which is much gentler on the clothes and use much less water but they do take longer to do a load and you can't easily add that stray sock you find after you start the machine. I do have a quick wash setting which I use for things that aren't too grotty if I'm in a hurry. Water economy is important to us seeing as we usually live rurally and are reliant on tank water. The other machine is only 5 kg and is a simpson. It is older than Erin but also has never missed a beat. It takes ages on most cycles though, doesn't have a time delay and doesn't have the count down timer on the front. Washing machines, oh how I love thee!! Let me count the ways!! LOL