Thursday, April 12, 2007

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I just did a quick scan and realised that my last dinky-di blog entry was way back in MARCH! Everything since then has been about the new house. We have been fairly focused on that, but I will talk more about that later. First, I want to update you on the shortest people in the house.

is still obsessed with finding a husband. She told me today that she is going to learn to cook lots and lots of food for her yummy husband - especially toast! Somewhere along the way she has absorbed the concept that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach LOL. I think she has overheard me telling the story of her cooking toast for her 'yummy husband' to a few people. It makes me remember to praise her to others and not be bashful about boasting! If she picks up on that one funny story, it is sure worthwhile to talk to others in her hearing about her obedience and give-it-a-go attitude. Yesterday she packed a box or two with her books from the bookshelf in her room all by herself. It needed only slight fine tuning when she'd finished and she was very proud of herself. She has been a great help with packing, even helping tape up boxes and write on the lid (well, holds the pen while I write on the lid). So many people underestimate two and a half year olds. She amazes me nearly every day. She has just finished putting the stickers in a sticker book that Nanny gave her and the time we spent together doing that provided wonderful 'down time' amongst the packing. The other day we just cuddled up on the couch and watched a Hairy McLairy DVD together while we ate a chocolate egg. Jon said he fully supports me taking time from packing to do this with Erin as the final pay off in her behavior is well worth it. She is a much happier child if she has had some time with Mummy.

is his usual bright, happy, full tilt self. He has had no real fall out from his encounter with the ant (the one that bit him back when he tried to eat it!) and his current favourite "stare in the face of danger" activity is climbing and heights. This is made especially fun with the piles of boxes stacked randomly around the house. He can climb quite well and has an amazing amount of upper body strength for a little ten month old baby. He climbed up on the potty (it has a lid and doubles as a stool to stand up at the bathroom sink) and was looking in the sink when it slipped out from under him. He hung from the side of the sink using just his arms then lowered himself gently to the floor then sat down. I was a little gobsmacked! His table manners have improved somewhat. We noticed not long ago that when he is screaming for his meal (and I do mean SCREAMING) and we all stop to say grace, he falls silent until we say Amen then starts up again until the food reaches his mouth! Amazing how much he picks up on. He adores his big sister and the feeling seems to be mutual. They spend huge amounts of time cuddling and kissing and playing together (usually with ever increasing volume until Mummy has to get everyone to pipe down!!). Of course there are the usual accidental (and perhaps not-so-accidental) smacks over the head with random toys or theft of play things but they are learning slowly to play together well and I am daily glad that they have each other.

The Littlest Bubba:
should have a spot on here now I think! Now that he or she is obvious with a bump on my front and I have felt a definate "quickening" (and old fashoned word for those first, wonderful, movements). I spent some time on the phone with an old friend today who is carrying her first child, due almost the same time as me. It was wonderful talking about our experiences and remembering how it was to feel all these things for the first time. With the busy nature of our lives at the moment, I don't get the time that I had with Erin for luxurious daytime naps or simply laying on the couch talking to the baby and waiting for movement. Spending that time talking to someone who is seeing it all with new eyes has reminded me to take that time when I can - even if it is laying in bed awake for a minute or two talking to bubba while the house is still
after midnight. Of course there are other rewards. The wonder and delight on Erin's face as we talk about our new baby. The delicious anticipation of the rewards of labor without the fears of the 'unknown' that we all have the first time. Peaking at the baby clothes still packed away and remembering dressing Erin and Billy in them when they were so tiny. Anyway, I have an appointment with the Doctor next week to get a referral for our ultrasound which is exciting. It is hard to believe that we are that far along already! The doctor also has to let the hospital know I am pregnant so they can book me in (a just-in-case measure, this bubba will be born at the same birth centre Billy was). Apparently, me turning up at the hospital with a great big hulking baby inside me isn't hint enough to them that I am pregnant!

The house:
is all boxes at the moment. It is so exciting, the final count down. Of course the packing is not as advanced as I had hoped at this stage and I am DREADING the cleaning stage, but I thank God daily for our beautiful new home and every box I pack brings us closer!

The garden:
is in wind down too. Jon has dug over the vegie patch and we are in clean up mode. We dug up a few parsley plants and two chilli plants to take with us to the new place. As I work in this garden, my mind can't help but stray to the beautiful green house and the inviting garden beds of the new house.

I have plans of starting a special section in the Blog once we have moved and settled. This section will be along the lines of so many other Blogs that I have found helpful in running the home and caring for my little ones. It will be a section dedicated to discribing what works (and doesn't) with running my home and raising the little ones. You see, I get stopped in the street and asked "How do you manage?" with just Erin and Billy. The answer is "well, I just do! And most of the time I even manage to enjoy it!". Once upon a time a woman my age would have twice the number of children, washed all the families clothes by hand, tended a home that had no vacuum cleaner, no TV, no electricity or gas.....yet we seem to have lost those arts. I know I spent 4 years learning how to manage spending 8 hours, 5 days a week in a purpose built classroom with 30 of someone else's children. I had little to no training on how to manage my own home and my own children, and I have that job 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Other Blogs of other women have helped me enormously and I would like to pass some of that back. So it is something to look forward to anyway! COMING SOON :o)


PS. I was given a link to a website that sells t-shirts designed for parents of many and those who have them close together. I thought some of them were classic! Check it out, click here

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